Feel a new world of innovation through Brylite.

It has been a chronicle of VISION EDGE in the sphere of  lighting diligence, It has been a saga of vision, social prudence, enterprise and corporate governance.

It is a story crafted in first-rate quality, It is a story scripted in service towards society, It is a story of state-of-art technology, It is a story of touching million lives, It is a story of VISION EDGE.

Super Vision

VISION EDGE'S vision is to deliver top of-the-range L.E.D Lighting Products to ensure customer satisfaction - Every time.

Super Technology

We are continuously making technical advances to provide you with the best  L.E.D Lighting Solutions. State-of-art technology and machinery assist us to create innovatively genius products. Just for you. Our partnership with the best companies is an outcome of our sheer passion to make your living safer, stylish and special.

Super CollaborationWorld's best companies has joined hands with VISION EDGE. These companies are operating there Head Quarters across the world. They  have there manufacturing units, all over the world. It has been our thirst for better quality that has made them our valuable partners.

Guiding Principles

Holistic thinking - At VISION EDGE holistic thinking does not just an compass harmony unity of the product range but also the complete product cycle.

The environmental consideration of VISION EDGE products begins with the selection of raw materials and continued till final delivery.

Partnerships - VISION EDGE places high priority on developing sole relationships with its partners.

Quality - The company has a comprehensive, detail oriented and R&D motivated quality system.

Operational efficiency - A long product life cycle as well as minimal care and maintenance of our products are pre-requisites for operational efficiency.